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Lee’s Drain Cleaning Services

Brisbane, Gold Coast,Sunshine Coast, Bay Islands and Emerald

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Family operated, quality guaranteed.

A division of Lee’s Liquid Waste Services


Introducing Lee’s Drain Cleaning & Toilet Unblocking Services

For 33 years, our multi-generational family owned and operated drain cleaning and toilet unblocking company has passed down our knowledge to our friendly, efficient and willing staff.  We guarantee to discover the cause and remove the problem, or your money back.  Please take a moment to view our introduction video below and photos below or click the links to view more .

Top 3 Reasons to Call Lee’s?

All blockages cleared or your money back*

Same Day Service

Friendly, professional and courteous staff

Highly competitive pricing.

And providing value-added services such as:



Every now and then each toilet in a house, business area or restaurant can get clogged. If you have guests coming over or even have to use the loo yourself and cannot because it is clogged, you need not worry. There are many trained and well-equipped professionals who can do the job for you.

Following are some of the ways in which a toilet can be unclogged easily.

How To Unclog Toilet Easily

Drain cleaning is important for every household and is often caused by blocked pipes and blocked drains Brisbane. It can get thoroughly irritating if you wake up one morning and realize that your toilet has clogged. Before any individual gets in contact with a professional to solve the problem, they get frustrated and annoyed with the task at hand. What they do not know is that a clogged toilet no longer needs to bug them like it did before. It can be easily fixed and unclogged.

A trained and capable person can help you by using some of the basic techniques required to loosen the jammed flow of toilet water. This is done so by using two items namely warm water and a disinfectant. However, there is not just a single way in which this can be achieved. If you do not like the kind of mess unclogging a toilet leads to, you do not need to perform the task mentioned above. In fact, following is a better, less messier way in which a toilet can be unclogged – the best part about it is that you do not even need to touch the water as you do it.

Here is what you will need:

Sometimes when a toilet gets clogged, so much water gets accumulated that the entire room floods. Hence, if you wish to use the above procedure to unclog your toilet, ensure that it is not flooding.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to achieve your goal:

1. Get your toilet cleanser and then squirt a decent amount of it into the dish.

2. Next up take the hot water from the hot side of the tap, ensure that it is not bubbling and use the water to fill the toilet seat.

3. Fill the toilet with the water but be careful not to flood it.

The reason why people are advised not to use bubbling water is to ensure it does not crack.

Why Toilets Get Clogged

There are many reasons why a toilet drain can get clogged. Some of them are as follows:

Low Flow Toilet: Basically, one reason why a toilet could go through continuous clogging is when it is being put through a lot of pressure. An example of this is when a lot of toilet paper is stuffed down the toilet; it jams the other end and causes it to malfunction. When the flow in the toilet is low and it is not receiving sufficient amount of water at a regular basis, it results in the toilet being clogged.

Hard Water Deposits: Once in a while, hard water stores are to be blamed for clogged toilets. You might see this white development on the port openings directly under the edge of your toilet. This becomes the main issue; you may utilize a wire holder, or some other sharp object to deliberately rub this white settlement off. At that point you should pour an answer down the tank's flood tube. This arrangement ought to be one section muriatic corrosive to ten sections water. At that point following a half hour, you should pour the mixture once more. This will get your toilet to flush better. After severe constipation, the feces are turgid and do not flush down easy. This is when the trap is blocked causing severe flooding to occur as well, eventually.

Blocked Trap: This happens when the other end of the toilet is somehow clogged and jammed. This can easily be the cause of a lot of toilet paper being stuffed down the drain or large sized feces being passed down. Hence, this particular problem is often caused by the reasons mentioned above. The basic difference is that with a blocked trap underground services are immediately required. The problem with a blocked trap is not on the exterior but underground and requires a few hours and use of proper tools.

If none of the above ways have lived up to your expectation you are required to check the water supply line. Sometimes there is a chance that altogether your tank may not be getting sufficient amount of water. If the water level of your tank is low there are a few steps that will help you raise the water level without a lot of trouble.

Remove the lid of the latrine tank. You might come across a buoy valve, and to loosen you will require a screwdriver. At that point, joined to the buoy, you will come across a metal or plastic arm. Use the screwdriver to turn the metal arm clockwise. The higher you see the ball go up, the higher the water level will be and your tank will not run out of water and result in a clogged drain. You may need to attempt some diverse modification with a specific end goal to ensure what level is best suitable for your use.

If you have a vertical fill valve in your toilet tank, you will come across a metal funnel that goes from the highest point of the fill valve right up to the vertical buoy. On that bar will be fixed a holding spring clasp. Old down the clasp and raise the buoy as high as it can reasonably be raised, then turn it down. That will raise the water level as high as the latrine goes.

With this your water tank problems can easily be solved and also prepare you if the problem occurs again.

How Often Should Hire A Professional To Unclog Toilets

Sometimes you may not even need to hire a professional to unclog the toilet because you might be able to do it yourself. However, if things get very out of hand you will indeed need to get in touch with someone who can immediately help. You need not worry since there are now many places and professionals who can get the job done in the best possible manner. When it comes to unblocking toilets, the task has the potential of taking a very ugly turn which is why it is suggested that people who cringe at the thought of clogged up crap easily, contact a professional while all they are required to do is sit inside and sip on a cup of tea or coffee.

Why Choose Lee’s Drain Cleaning Services

For a long time, our multi-generational company has claimed to be the best at channel cleaning and latrine unblocking. Our organization is well-disposed and is functioned with a productive and willing staff. We promise to find and fix to evacuate the issue that is frustrating you and embarrassing you in front of your guests. If that does not happen, we will reimburse your investment to full hundred percent. Our website presents you with all pictures with references as to how we can help you. Our job is to ensure we use the finest tools for excavation and other processes that allow us to carry the job with the least number of side effects. It is easy for people to get annoyed with the trouble that comes with a clogged toilet, and we understand that.

We ensure our clients are never disappointed with the services we provide. We have the best and highly trained professionals who ensure the job at hand is done in the most professional and diligent manner possible. A drain blocked does not scare us easy and we follow whatever path we possibly can to ensure we get the job done in the finest ways possible. We ensure that the job is done with minimum delay because one day can lead to more trouble. We also use the finest quality disinfectants that not only treat the problem at hand but also delay its time of relapse. This way you will be able to save a lot of time and money.